Senior living is not what it used to be—the white walls and set meal times have been replaced by modern, vibrant, and flexible communities. Today’s senior living residents find themselves in the midst of activity and camaraderie, enjoying their maintenance-free lifestyles alongside others who are going through a similar stage of life.
However, It can be hard to feel like it's the “right time” for senior living. There are still many misconceptions that lead to negative perceptions about what senior living is really like these days, leading many folks to put off or ignore altogether the idea of moving into a community.
In a recent study conducted by Gadbois Research in Grand Rapids, MI, aging adults discussed their feelings about senior living. Below, we dive into some of the most common comments, concerns, and reservations—while also sharing our thoughts from our 130 years of experience in the industry and our knowledge about the market today. So, while you may not feel ready for senior living, there are plenty of reasons why this is exactly the right time to make the move.
Move while you’re healthy.
We understand—you’re healthy, you’re active, you’re settled into your neighborhood, and you have a thriving social life. Like most aging adults in your situation, you’re probably thinking, “Why would I move into a senior living community?”
Nearly all participants in the study stated that it would take a decline in health for themselves or their spouse to be the catalyst of a move to senior living. While we certainly aren’t discounting being healthy now as a blessing, we also have seen firsthand how quickly and unexpectedly health changes can happen. Moving while you’re physically and mentally fit is going to make it much easier for you and your family.
It’s also important to remember that senior living communities are much different today than they were a few decades ago. They are not a place to “grow old” but a place to enjoy life and stay active, helping you remain the healthy individual you are today. By making the move sooner, you will be able to take advantage of all of the opportunities, experiences, and programming available to you. Not to mention, you’ll have more time to make the most of your financial investment.  
Expand your social circle. 
No matter our age, we can often be found comparing ourselves to our peers. It’s a part of human nature to look around and see how we stack up, but also to take cues from those going through the same phase of life. So, it’s not surprising that many participants in the study noted the majority of their friends still living in their homes as an adverse reason for moving to a senior living community.
We understand that it can be difficult to be the first one to take the leap, but moving doesn’t mean you lose your circle—it means you can add to it. You can still enjoy the same lifestyle as before, with all of your hobbies, social outings, and family time still at your disposal. Only now, you’ll have more time for extracurriculars with the maintenance-free lifestyle that senior living offers and an additional community of new friends and neighbors in a similar stage of life.
Demand—and costs—continue to rise. 
With the aging of the expansive Baby Boomer population, the demand for senior living and care is increasing quickly. Already, we’re seeing communities short on space, and costs will continue to increase with inflation, the state of the market, and construction costs. The average waitlist period is seven years, so while you may not feel you need senior living now, waiting five to ten years to start the process could lead to challenges.
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