Dementia Care

Dementia Care Services

Holland Home is dedicated to improving the lives of those living with declining brain function. With a specially trained team of compassionate and dedicated staff, we’re able to enhance the lives of those living with dementia or Alzheimer’s while ensuring their safety, health, comfort, and security.


Choosing Holland Home’s

Dementia Care Services

Caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia is a challenge. Dementia strips its victims of short-term memory, making familiar tasks difficult and causing troubles with language. There can also be disorientation, problems with abstract thinking, and changes in mood, behavior, or personality. People with memory loss have been known to wander off, and there’s always the fear of injury. Sometimes residential placement is the safest and most appropriate solution.

Benefits of Holland Home’s specialized dementia and Alzheimer’s care:
  • Expert care team specially trained on how to best communicate with and care for loved ones experiencing varying levels of dementia
  • Secure units that allow freedom of movement while preventing wandering
  • A predictable schedule of activities providing structure to the day
  • Specialized activities designed especially for memory care patients
  • Comfortable gathering spaces for families and friends to spend quality time with their loved one

Our Person-Centered Approach to Care
  • DEMENTIA TRAINING All Holland Home dementia care staff members take part in a unique training program called The Dementia Journey.
  • A POSITIVE APPROACH TO CARE Holland Home has adopted renowned dementia expert Teepa Snow’s Positive Approach to Care concept as a key element to its memory care services.
  • CONNECT We provide person-centered environments that promote engagement through a wealth of individualized activities.
  • HONOR CARE Our Honor Care method provides meaningful moments by offering a loving touch, calming aromas, prayer and music, and favorite foods in a peaceful environment.
  • SPIRITUAL CARE Believing in the importance and value of practicing faith, we’ve enhanced our Evening Star™ program, a unique worship service that calls to mind memories of favorite hymns and Bible passages and allows our dementia care residents to participate in worship. 

Specialty Dementia Training

The Dementia Journey

All Holland Home employees go through specialized dementia training to improve the care and empathy they provide loved ones experiencing a decline in brain function and thinking skills. One innovative method, called the Dementia Journey, uses virtual reality to mimic the confusion that comes with dementia. Using sound, vision, and sensory impairments, team members are asked to manage the daily tasks that dementia patients go through in their everyday lives. This unique approach gives the caregiver a higher level of insight into the disease, empathy for what the patient is facing, and greater compassion in their care.

The Dementia Journey

If you would like to experience the Dementia Journey

please email Rosemary Apol-Hoezee at or call at 616-235-5233

Positive Approach to Care Designated Organization


Holland Home is recognized as the first organization in the state of Michigan, and only the fifth organization nationally, to achieve the coveted “Designated Organization” accreditation from Positive Approach to Care® (PAC). Developed by renowned dementia expert Teepa Snow, this unique approach further educates our staff on the effects of dementia while providing instruction on how best to communicate with, relate to, and care for dementia care residents.

Holland Home is recognized as the first organization in the state of Michigan, and only the fifth organization nationally, to achieve the coveted “Designated Organization” accreditation from Positive Approach to Care® (PAC).

A designation from PAC is so rare that organizations need to be invited by PAC to apply for the credentialing. As a designated organization, PAC attests that Holland Home’s dementia care is considered to be offered and measured at some of the highest levels among all senior dementia care programs. Most notable to patients and families is that the PAC designation means every Holland Home team member has specific dementia care training and ensures all team members continue to participate in regular dementia training.

Residential Dementia Care Services

For those whose care needs have surpassed what’s safely possible at home, Holland Home offers several secure and comfortable care settings where those with advancing dementia or Alzheimer’s can receive the care that’s needed to live life as fully as possible. Breton Woods and Raybrook campuses both provide three freshly prepared meals per day, daily wellness checks, Evening Star™, chaperoned outings, activities and special events, onsite health center and beauty salon, and secure spaces where residents can safely mingle and explore.


For those experiencing varying stages of memory loss, Breton Woods Extended Care provides large, well-appointed private rooms with expert memory care assisted living services, plus dedicated dementia-structured activity programming geared toward providing a secure, comfortable life. Our new facility includes spacious gathering areas for families and friends to visit their loved one.


On our Raybrook campus, the Cook Center and Jay Mol Family Center offer memory care in comfortable and secure environments for all stages of Alzheimer’s and dementia. Private rooms, group gathering spaces, social activities, and daily support make Raybrook a comfortable and safe solution for those living with dementia.

Helping Your Loved One Living With Dementia

Our partner organization, Dementia Institute, offers dementia caregiving training, education, and support. They are now offering a Family & Friends Caregiver Course along with Personal Consultations for improving your communication and interactions with loved ones living with dementia, ultimately improving the well-being of you both. 



Download our Dementia Care Handbook

Holland Home’s Memory Care Services has created the dementia handbook as a tool to assist and educate our families about the disease of dementia. Our goal is that this handbook will provide insight into the challenges we face in caring for our loved ones living with dementia. Fill out the form below for free access now.