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Holland Home is happy to provide additional information to help answer questions and needs you may have regarding our Independent Living Communities and Care Services.


Webinar 13: The Different Levels of Care


SCAMS: How to recognize and protect yourself from the latest fraudulent schemes.

Webinar 11: The Value of Senior Living

Webinar 12: What Happens After the Move?

Webinar 9: Resident Panel Discussion: Why didn't I move sooner?

Webinar 10: At Home with Holland Home: Assisted Living

Webinar 7: Breton Woods Fitness: Fitness team shares tips and tools for achieving your fitness goals as you age.

Webinar 8: Continuing Care Agreements (CCA)

Webinar 5: Tour Available Apartments: Get an inside look at senior living from the comfort of your home.

Webinar 6: Estate Planning Explained

Webinar 3: Tips on downsizing and organizing from our partners, Pathway Movers & Greenridge Realty

Webinar 4: Our Director of Resident Life, Marenta Klinger, discusses our Vibrant Living model.

Webinar 1: Tour and Continuing Care Agreement

Webinar 2: Resident Panel

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