At Home with Holland Home Webinars

Our webinar series provides additional information to answer common questions, help prepare you for the move, and give greater insights into what life is like in our Independent Living communities.

Webinar 23: Choice and Flexibility

Webinar 22: What does Assisted Living really mean?

Webinar 21: Waitlist Webinar

Webinar 20: Mission Over Margin


Webinar 19: New Resident Renovation Process

Webinar 18: Downsizing & Real Estate Trends

Webinar 17: Onsite Physician Care

Webinar 16: Learning More About Independent Living

Webinar 15: Taking a Different Approach to Dementia Care

Webinar 14: Identifying and Avoiding Scams

Webinar 13: The Different Levels of Care

Webinar 12: What Happens After the Move?

Webinar 11: The Value of Senior Living

Webinar 10: At Home with Holland Home: Assisted Living

Webinar 9: Resident Panel Discussion: Why didn't I move sooner?

Webinar 8: Continuing Care Agreements (CCA)

Webinar 7: Breton Woods Fitness: Fitness team shares tips and tools for achieving your fitness goals as you age.

Webinar 6: Estate Planning Explained

Webinar 5: Tour Available Apartments: Get an inside look at senior living from the comfort of your home.

Webinar 4: Our Director of Resident Life, Marenta Klinger, discusses our Vibrant Living model.

Webinar 3: Tips on downsizing and organizing from our partners, Pathway Movers & Greenridge Realty

Webinar 2: Resident Panel

Webinar 1: Tour and Continuing Care Agreement