Brought to you by Holland Home, Faith Hospice, and Atrio Home Care, This Day & Age helps aging adults and their loved ones as they navigate life’s journey. In its 2nd season, listeners can learn about the growing, aging population, the impact and challenges that this presents, and, ultimately, how to plan for the future.

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S3 Ep. 3: Cultivating Resilience As We Age
What is resilience? How can we cultivate it? How can we utilize it for a more positive aging experience? In this episode, we’re joined by author and CEO/Founder of IPV Consulting, Michelle Steffes. She dives into the topic of resilience, sharing tips for embracing change and facing life’s challenges as one ages. ________
S3 Ep. 2: Aging with a Positive Mindset
Throughout Season 3 of This Day & Age, we’re exploring how choosing to age with a positive mindset can lead to a more enriching and rewarding experience. In this episode, we talk to two Holland Home senior living residents, Carol and Judy, to hear firsthand how they maintain a positive mindset and the impact it has on their aging journey. _____________________________
S3 Ep. 1: But First...A Look at Last Season
We’re excited to be kicking off Season 3 of This Day & Age, where we’ll cover topics around the theme of “The Art of Positive Aging.” But before we dive in, we wanted to share a quick recap of Season 2, in which we educated listeners on the growing, aging population in America and the implications this has. From the challenges Baby Boomers face to misconceptions about moving into a senior living community and unexpected keys to healthy aging, this episode highlights some of the most important takeaways from our second season. _____________________________ _____________________________

S2 Ep. 12: Coping with Grief As You Age
While grief is most commonly associated with the passing of loved ones, there are a number of different factors that can lead to a higher level of grieving in aging adults. From retirement to becoming empty nesters to physical or mental decline, these natural life transitions and changes can contribute to feelings of anguish. In this episode, we’re joined by Janet Jaymin, Director of Bereavement Services at Faith Hospice, and Bereavement Counselor Jenny Gruppen to discuss how aging adults can cope with the loss of loved ones and other types of grief. _____________________________ _____________________________

S2 Ep. 11: Dementia Awareness & Care
There is still a lot of stigma around dementia, and the lack of awareness and understanding leads many people to shy away from those living with the disease. In this episode, we’re joined by Lois Thomas and Rosemary Apol-Hoezee of the Dementia Institute, who educate listeners on the effects of brain change and how we can better interact with, communicate with, and approach those living with Alzheimer’s and other dementias. Whether you’re a loved one, friend, or neighbor, this episode will help you learn how to create moments of joy in the midst of this debilitating disease.

S2 Ep. 10: Maintaining Your Mental Health as You Age
People often think of older adults as carefree individuals with few responsibilities and stressors in this phase of life. However, older adults can still experience mental health issues like anxiety and depression—the causes are just different. In this episode, we’re joined by Hope Huizinga, a Transition Navigator with Reliance Community Care Partners, as we discuss factors that can lead to mental health issues and cognitive decline in aging adults and how they can be prevented. _____________________________ _____________________________

S2 Ep. 9: Good Ol' Fashioned Advice
In this episode, we’re taking a moment to celebrate one of our community’s greatest resources: the knowledge and wisdom of the older generations. Their collection of stories, experiences, and lessons learned over a lifetime are invaluable, especially to the younger generations. Listen now to hear what advice Holland Home residents Dan Girdwood and Lois Vander Wel recently shared with Calvin University students. _____________________________ _____________________________

S2 Ep. 8: The Cultural Shift in Generations
Every generation is shaped by a number of historical events and experiences that lead to shared cultural and personality traits. As more and more Baby Boomers are reaching retirement age, these characteristics are reshaping the senior living and care industry. In this episode, we’re joined by Holland Home Chief Strategy Officer David Tiesenga and Grand Valley State University Professor Priscilla Kimboko to help us learn more about the needs, wants, and expectations of aging Baby Boomers. _____________________________ _____________________________

S2 Ep. 7: The Unexpected Keys to Healthy Aging
When it comes to healthy aging, things like eating healthy and staying active are what people typically prioritize. While these are important aspects, more and more research is pointing to other factors that profoundly impact the health of aging adults. In this episode, Holland Home Director of Resident Life, Marenta Klinger, and Welbi CEO, Elizabeth Audette-Bourdeau, discuss the role of social engagement and life enrichment in optimizing the health of older adults. _____________________________ _____________________________

S2 Ep. 6: Technology and Aging
Technology and the older generations haven’t always meshed well. Whether due to ageism, access gaps, or anxiety about its use, older adults have been impeded from utilizing modern tools. However, with an aging population, technology is and will continue to play an important role in caring for older adults. In this episode, Jessie Riley, Holland Home Resident Technology Manager, and Keith Brophy, COO at Mentavi Health/ADHD Online, discuss emerging trends and how technology will impact senior living in the future. _____________________________ _____________________________

S2 Ep. 5: Misconceptions About Senior Living
When it comes to senior living, there’s a fair share of misconceptions. Many people still have a negative image of it—hospital-like institutions with sterile living facilities and little interaction. But that is far from the reality of the vibrant, bustling, and social community you’ll find at Holland Home. In this episode, we’re joined by current resident Ann Robinson and Holland Home Sales Director Michael Loughman to talk about what “senior living” actually looks like today. _____________________________ _____________________________

S2 Ep. 04: The Cost of Care
Whether you plan to receive help from family, move into a senior living community, or use home care services as you age, there is a lot of planning and preparation that needs to take place. One of the biggest aspects being finances. In this episode, we’re joined by Holland Home CFO Adam Kinder and Holland Home Financial Liaison Stephanie Hotz to discuss misconceptions about the costs of care and offer guidance on planning financially for the care you will need and the life you want as you age. _____________________________

S2 Ep. 03: Who Will Care for Future Seniors?
The Baby Boomer generation — America’s most populous generation — will soon all be 65 and older. As they continue to age, the demands for their living and care needs will too. On top of an increased life expectancy, fewer caregivers and limited senior living space could create a crisis. In this episode, Holland Home President & CEO Troy Vugteveen and Dr. Robert Riekse, a Geriatrician with Trinity Health Grand Rapids, discuss what needs to be done to ensure this aging population receives the care it needs. _____________________________ _____________________________

S2 Ep. 02: Advocating for Yourself as You Age
How can you prepare for the shifting aging demographics in our country? In this episode, we’re joined by Dr. Carol Robinson, a speaker and consultant in healthcare advocacy. She’ll help listeners better understand the conversations they should be having, the research they should be doing, and the steps they should be taking to advocate and plan for their wants and wishes as they age. _____________________________

S2 Ep. 01: Aging in America
The baby boomer generation has brought both challenges and opportunities to our country’s economy, infrastructure, and institutions. Now, with this aging group set to make up 21% of theU.S. population by 2030, what can we expect for the future? In this episode, David Tiesenga, CSO atHolland Home, and Brad Straub, EVP of Greystone, discuss the continued impact and implications that this group of aging adults will create. _____________________________

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