This Day and Age Podcast

On any given day, over 50% of people are grieving in some way. In this episode, we explore the healing power of bereavement care for those navigating a journey through grief. Heidi VanSledright joins to share her personal experience with loss. She explains how working with Faith Hospice’s bereavement team helped her learn to acknowledge and live with her grief, ultimately allowing more joy to come back into her life. Listen now!

Resident Enrichment Academy for Living (R.E.A.L.)

For the last decade, residents have been flocking to our Resident Enrichment Academy for Living (R.E.A.L.) courses, welcoming the chance to learn something new, meet other residents, and be active members of the Holland Home community. This blog shows how R.E.A.L. events and programming help residents maintain a culture of intellectual discovery at Holland Home.

Leveraging Technology to Help Seniors Stay Fit

How we exercise might change as we age, but staying active remains a pivotal piece in our overall health. With Physical Wellness being an essential element of our award-winning Vibrant Living model, it’s no surprise that we place a lot of emphasis on staying active, providing an array of ways and options for residents to get their move on. Continue reading to learn more about some of the methods and equipment we implement.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Downsizing

We recently invited Jeanne Jones, co-owner of Pathway Senior Movers, to talk through some of the logistical and emotional challenges of moving and how Pathway and Holland Home can help. In this blog, you’ll find a recap of our downsizing event with some of the most important takeaways.

What does Assisted Living really mean?

Let’s talk about Assisted Living! What does it mean? Who is it for? We often think of Assisted Living as a hospital-like environment, but today vibrant communities focus on meeting folks where they are on their aging journey—empowering them to live their highest quality of life. We dive into what Assisted Living is—and what it isn’t—in our latest blog.

The Senior Living Waitlist Process

You’ve made the decision to move to a senior living community. You finally feel ready, and as you start calling around and touring places, you realize that the community you are interested in has a waitlist. In this blog, we break down some of the benefits of joining a senior living waitlist and how you go about the process at Holland Home.