The Greater Grand Rapids area has one of the highest concentrations of Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs) in the country, so evaluating your options for yourself or a loved one can be difficult. If you’re considering assisted living, here are some questions you should ask (and our answers) as you dive deeper into your search.
Is it a non-profit? Is it for profit?
Holland Home is a faith-based non-profit committed to those we serve in our community.
Who has ownership?
Holland Home is locally owned and operated and has been in the Grand Rapids area since 1892. Our leadership and staff are a part of our community and see their work as giving back and caring for friends and neighbors.
Do you employ nurses in your assisted living/dementia care assisted living?
Yes. Even though the State does not require it for assisted living, we have several Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) on staff 24/7 who are unit managers in assisted living and memory care assisted living. 
What are your caregiver ratios?
Caregiver ratios will vary depending on regular assisted living vs. memory care assisted living and will also vary depending on the shift (there are more caregivers during 1st shift, for example). When we talk about ratios, we mean caregiver ratios in addition to the unit manager — not those in support roles such as facilities or dining.
  • DeVos (Regular Assisted Living) - Days and evenings: 1:10. Nights 1:30
  • Cook (Memory Care Assisted Living) - Days 1:7. Evenings: 1:8. Nights 1:12
  • Mol Centers (Memory Care Assisted Living) - Days and evenings: 1:6. Nights 1:11
Are there different levels of care within assisted living?
Yes. Prior to admission, each incoming resident will have an evaluation to determine their level of care based on what sort of help they need with their Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) and any medical and behavioral interventions.
Are there activities offered?
Yes. We utilize our Vibrant Living model for activities in all parts of our continuum of care to help meet a person’s emotional, social, physical, spiritual, and intellectual components of wellness.
Do you have in-house physicians?
We have two Trinity Health-affiliated physicians assigned to our campuses. They spend time each week seeing the residents on their patient caseload.
Do you offer memory/dementia care assisted living?
Holland Home was the first senior living community in the state to offer Positive Approach to Care® - designated dementia care. Our full staff (from dining to nurses) goes through specialized dementia care training to help improve understanding, care, compassion, and communication with our memory care residents.
Do you offer skilled nursing should a person’s needs exceed what can be managed in an assisted setting?
Yes. Skilled nursing is offered at both our Raybrook and Breton Woods campuses. So when a resident transitions to a higher level of care, they can stay on the same campus that they have come to know and love.
What happens if I run out of money/can no longer afford assisted living after becoming a resident?
Holland Home offers the Life Care Promise, providing each resident with the assurance that even if they should outlive their resources, they will still have a home at Holland Home. Holland Home has a sizeable Resident Assistance Fund, which can be used for residents at lower levels of care, or residents at higher care may go to Nursing (within one of Holland Home’s residential communities), where Medicaid may be able to be used to assist in paying for care.
Is there a call system (pull cord or something similar)?
Each resident room and bathroom features a pull cord or push-button call system, which will summon our staff in the event help is needed. With LPNs available on each floor 24/7, care is right outside your door should you need medical attention.
Do I bring my own furniture?
Yes! We want you to make your individual space feel like home. We’ll prep the room prior to moving in (like painting the walls, replacing carpeting, and deep cleaning).
Have more questions? Visit to learn more, or give us a call at 616-235-5704.