View of Breton Terrrace lobby rennovation.
Improving Breton Woods. Enhancing our community.
Our Breton Woods campus is more than a place to live—it is a community for residents to thrive. It has been 22 years since we opened Breton Terrace, the first independent living facility of the Breton Woods community. And like any home that has been lived in for two decades, the time has come for needed updates and improvements. As we close in on the spring season, Holland Home is happy to announce the completion of Phase I of the Breton Terrace remodel as well as some critical campus-wide projects.  
Since starting Phase I of our Breton Woods campus upgrade, we’ve made many updates to enhance the lifestyle of residents and efficiency of campus. The work and investment continue as we turn our focus from finalizing Phase I to the beginning of Phase II. Following is a brief recap of all that has been accomplished and what is yet to come.
Breton Terrace 
Phase I saw the lobby area of Breton Terrace renovated with updated decor, a new staircase, floor-to-ceiling fireplace, extended gathering areas, and new office spaces. In the Woods Cafe, we have redecorated the seating area, added a serving counter, updated the private dining room, expanded the kitchen, and added new appliances. Portions of resident corridors on the 1st floor were also given a refresh with new flooring, wall coverings, and columns. Lastly, the lower level activity area was upgraded to create a more welcoming chapel/meeting space, updated resident health center, and refreshed game and activity area, for residents to enjoy.

For Phase II, we plan to add a spacious outdoor dining area to Woods Cafe, and while a target date for completion is still being determined, we hope to have the space available for use within the year. In the Breton Terrace fitness center, we will be adding new flooring and decor while also updating the locker rooms. Plans are also in place to continue decor and flooring updates for the east and west resident corridors on the 1st floor and then progresssing to refreshing and renovating the remaining resident corridors on the 2nd through 5th floors. Budget and supply chain permitting, we hope to add EV charging stations to the Breton Woods Campus in late 2024 or early 2025.
Breton Woods Community
One of the most notable projects we have completed is the development of Breton Park, which was fully supported by the incredible generosity of our community. This amazing resource features Pickleball courts, bocce ball, a putting green, picnicking area, walking path, outdoor exercise stations, butterfly garden, and solar-powered bathrooms. Improvements to the efficiency, sustainability, and technology of Breton Woods included new LED lighting fixtures plus upgraded Wi-Fi and internet for all residents.  We replaced the ceilings in the skilled nursing areas at Breton Rehab and Living Centre, as well as renovated and refreshed a heavily utilized activity space for our skilled nursing residents.
Future improvements, among many, include continued infrastructure investments into the Breton Woods Campus, including replacement of HVAC systems within our original Breton Homes, roof replacements for our original Breton Homes and the eventual replacement of asphalt throughout the campus.
BretoNext Capital Campaign Update
Holland Home has targeted an expected investment of more than $15 million in infrastructure and design upgrades to the Breton Woods campus over the next several years. As an example of our commitment to all of our Breton Woods residents, we estimate the investment into the next phase (Phase II) represents a net investment of no less than $1.5 million.  
Our residents, both past and current, have been the beneficiaries of incredible generosity, which has supported many capital improvements over the years.  The legacy of generosity which has carried us and provided community for countless residents has enabled not only continued investment into our facilities but also ensured we could do so at as low a cost to the organization as possible, for both current and future residents.  
We invite all of our community into this next endeavor and investment into our Breton Woods campus, so that we can continue to provide the vibrant community spaces that we know all of our residents, both current and future, deserve, and to do so at as low a cost for current and future residents as possible. We need your continued prayers, support, and generosity to help us raise the necessary funds to reach our capital improvement campaign goals. Included in our targeted investment of $15 million is an invitation to raise $1.1 million through the generosity of our community in order to support the number of current and future campus improvement projects.
To help us reach our goal and ensure a vibrant campus for current and future residents, please click below.