Capital Campaign

Lift Up Raybrook Capital Campaign

Serving those in the present. Setting our sights on the future.


Holland Home is not just a place to live; it’s a place to thrive. Updating our campuses and innovating therapies allows us to continue providing the best possible care. Your gifts make that possible.


Your Donation Can Make All the Difference

For decades we have strived to provide the best possible care for our residents. That includes providing the best possible spaces for them to thrive in. We have been busy making improvements across our campuses and now, we need a little help finishing the renovations. With this next phase, our goal is to make updates to Cook Memory Care, DeVos Assisted Living, and Raybrook Dining.

Cook Memory Care

Memory care residents often live in the moment. We want to make each one of those moments more meaningful by updating the flooring, decor, and in-room furnishing to create a more comfortable home-like environment for residents and their loved ones.

DeVos Assisted Living

As one ages, they may need a little extra assistance to continue living a safe and independent lifestyle. With updates to the in-room call systems, nursing stations, gathering spaces, flooring, and decor, we can continue providing our residents the best possible care and environment.

Raybrook Dining

Our new dining program for Raybrook will feature a casual and comfortable cafe where our residents can visit with friends old and new. The next step will be to create the layout, flooring, tables, seating, and decor.


Being Good Stewards For Those We Serve  

As our mission states, we strive to serve with excellence, love, and compassion while following Christ’s example in all we do. This not only directs the level of care we provide but also sets the standard for managing our resources. As a nonprofit organization, we rely on both funds from our residents and generous donations from our community. We see each gift as a blessing that we are stewards of and work each day to sustain the balance of maintaining our homes and facilities while ensuring that residents can receive the care they need should their own resources run short.



Building a Better Future for the Seniors We Serve…Like it should be™

Holland Home is registered as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The Tax ID of Holland Home is 38-1366927.