The Fulton Care Center

While we are working daily to keep our community of staff and residents safe, we are also doing what we can for our greater community. We have partnered with Kent County and the City of Grand Rapids to establish the Fulton Care Center to serve as temporary housing for homeless individuals or families who have tested positive for COVID-19 or are awaiting their results. Follow the link to learn more.


As the situation regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19) rapidly evolves, we want to assure you of the steps Christian Living Services and its affiliates (Holland Home, Faith Hospice, Reliance Community Care Partners, and Atrio Home Care) have taken, and are continuing to take in response to the virus to ensure the health and safety of our staff and those we serve. https://hollandhome.org/news/a-coronavirus-update-from-mina-breuker/

Vibrant Living: Meeting Residents Where They Are

In just a matter of weeks, our Vibrant Living team has put together a variety of creative solutions and resources that encourage healthy behaviors for residents — giving them the tools they need to maintain their health, wellness, and a sense of normalcy from their own homes amid the COVID-19 situation.

Memory Care Cards

While we can’t physically be together during these times, we can still show others love and support. We are looking for letters to pass along to our memory care residents to show them they are thought of, cared for and prayed for during these times. Click on the above title to learn more! or go to https://hollandhome.org/news/memory-care-cards/

You Have Sewn Your Support

With donations pouring in from every corner of the community, we are happy to share that we have received over 3,800 masks—enough to keep our staff and residents safe. Follow the link below to learn about how you show support moving forward!

Avoiding Coronavirus- related Scams

Amid the COVID-19 crisis, unfortunately there are those who are looking to take advantage of people in these uncertain, more vulnerable times. It is with that, we wanted to share several known COVID-19 scams currently circulating so you can be sure to avoid being taken advantage o

7 Simple Ways to Reduce Stress

With the uncertainty surrounding the current situation as well as having to spend an increased amount of time in your home and away from others, you may find yourself feeling additional stress, anxiety, or negative thoughts. This article provides seven simple ways to help you reduce stress.

Holland Home Receives PAC Aware Designation

Memory Care Services: Leading the Way with PAC Aware Designation. This past November, Holland Home was made aware that they have been recognized as the first organization in the state of Michigan, and only the fifth organization nationally, to achieve the coveted “Designated Organization” accreditation from Positive Approach® to Care (PAC).

The Body Shop at Breton Ridge

The Vibrant Living model creates a wellness culture, a common goal shared across all departments and entities at Holland Home. It was this collaboration and culture that laid the foundation for the successful transformation of the fitness center, The Body Shop at Breton Ridge.

Laughter and Living Longer

There is an old adage about laughter being the best medicine. Well, as it turns out, it’s true. There are many benefits to laughing – especially as it relates to health and staying healthy longer.

The Memory Enhancing Power of Poetry

Like Sudoku, crosswords or any other brain games, memorizing works to stimulate the brain. Poetry, in addition to a mental workout, provides us with knowledge of a qualitatively and Physiologically different variety.