Vibrant Living

Thriving Through Vibrant Living

Today’s definition of wellness includes an individual’s mind, body, spirit, and social interaction. Our award-winning Vibrant Living model addresses these through five areas of health: Spiritual Fulfillment, Intellectual Discovery, Emotional Well-Being, Social Engagement, and Physical Wellness. We believe that health and overall wellness cannot be achieved if we only focus on one of the dimensions. You will find that at Holland Home, we put extra emphasis on the spiritual component, as we believe it is the foundation for the other areas.


Key Points on Vibrant Living

We see Vibrant Living as the union between faith and fitness, believing that both are equally important in the quality of life of our residents. That is why Vibrant Living is…

Is faith-based, which includes a commitment to the Creation Story, CREATION Health Model, and the Holland Home Mission.

Values research on healthy aging, which proves that how well one ages is directly impacted by lifestyle choices. As a result, Holland Home strives to provide a healthy environment to encourage positive lifestyle choices.


Our Award-Winning Model

Our Vibrant Living model has received many acknowledgments, including the ICAA Beacon Award, which recognizes the top 25 'Best in Wellness' senior living communities in North America.


 Components of Vibrant Living

The Vibrant Living model exists to help residents engage with others in the community and improve their quality of life through the following opportunities:

Spiritual Fulfillment

As the core of our Vibrant Living model, Spiritual Fulfillment provides a faith-based thread that connects all that we offer. Through this component, we provide a variety of opportunities to meet and enhance each resident’s spiritual needs. Spiritual fulfillment is unique to every individual and it is our goal to provide an environment rich with meaningful experiences.

Weekly chapel services at the Breton Woods and Raybrook on-site chapels, choir practice, regular Bible studies, as well as other opportunities to gather, worship and celebrate His word.

Social Engagement

Social Engagement: The opportunity to participate in or maintain a support network, make new connections, and maintain good communication. Being engaged in this vibrant environment provides residents and staff members the chance to contribute their skills and talents for the good of the community.

At each community, you can take advantage of frequent excursions and outings to area and state attractions, volunteering opportunities, community social gatherings, and organized events.

Physical Wellness

Physical Wellness: There is strong evidence that regular physical activity produces major benefits in older adults and contributes to successful aging: less fatigue throughout the day, improved balance, reduced risk of falling, heart disease, stroke, cancer, and memory loss.

An active lifestyle is encouraged in all our communities and we have resources to support it, including exercise classes at the wellness centers, yoga, and other programming.

Intellectual Discovery

Helps residents grow mentally, maintain an open mind, learn and teach skills, and expand and challenge themselves. Our culture of discovery provides lifelong learning opportunities and experiences to keep residents intellectually active and engaged.

A range of intellectually stimulating events and programming, such as book clubs, monthly lectures and seminars, anti-aging mental games, and more.

Emotional Well-Being

Together, staff and residents help maintain a positive culture that inspires optimism while providing encouragement and support for those who may be either struggling with difficult situations or celebrating personal success.

Specialized Tools Developed to Help Residents Live Vibrant Lives


Our annual Performance and Ability Testing for Health (P.A.T.H.) helps monitor, evaluate and detect various areas (strength, gait, flexibility, balance) of a resident’s physical activity and exercise levels. A personalized feedback report is provided to paint a picture of the participant’s physical wellness on an annual basis.



Our Resident Enrichment Academy for Living (R.E.A.L) is an award-winning life-long learning model that provides a platform for residents and staff to showcase their passions, skills and talents to the Holland Home community.

Personal Training

Our Certified Personal Trainers will develop and implement exercise programs that are safe, effective, and appropriate for one-on-one and small group personal training. These sessions are tailored to you no matter where you are on your journey. 

Vibrant Living APP

The Vibrant Living of Holland Home App is designed to help residents achieve their fitness goals. Download it to view our fitness schedule, receive programming updates, access our library of fitness videos, contact the fitness team, track workouts, and more.


“This environment feeds you socially, it feeds you emotionally, it feeds you spiritually. You have many choices of activities to do on a daily basis, on a weekly basis. Some are educational, some are just fun, there are trips to take, there are symphonies to attend, there are plays to attend so it has been a blessing. This place has been a blessing.”

—-Connie, Breton Woods Resident