Raybrook Renovations: On-track and On-trend

The stylish furnishings and fireplace in the newly renovated entrance and lobby area offers a welcoming atmosphere

Renovations are complete on the four floors in the “A” and “C” wings of Raybrook Manor.  The new design includes a central gathering place, dining room and kitchen.  “We wanted to get away from long corridors with endless doors like you would see in a hotel,” said Amy Thayer, senior living consultant.  “The new layout creates a much homier atmosphere and we hope it will encourage socialization among the residents.”



Part of the newly renovated space is given over to memory care.  “The goal of our new Memory Care Units is to provide a place that is homelike, a place that is not just beautiful, but an environment that is engaging and provides purpose in the daily lives of our residents,” said Lynn Bolt, memory care coordinator.  “The space has been decorated keeping in mind brain changes that happen with dementia—adequate lighting, open areas for walking and exploring, space for meaningful activity and engagement.” Our caregivers are all trained specifically in caring for those living with dementia utilizing the Positive Approach to Care (PAC) model.  “Our goal is to meet the needs of our residents along this journey we call dementia,” said Bolt.

The twenty original resident rooms have been converted into eleven roomy singles and one two room suite on each floor.  Rooms are furnished with an armoire, dressing bench and nightstand along with a wall mounted 50 inch television.  A central spa room is equipped with a fully accessible shower, bath and vanity. 

Thanks to the generosity of Jay Mol, the third floor is known as the Jay Mol Family Center.  The Lendick and Verblauuw names, which honor the generosity of the Lendick and Verblaauw families, has been carried over to Raybrook from Fulton Manor.