If you have reservations about moving into a senior living community, you’re not alone. Take Lois V., a resident at Breton Woods of Holland Home, for instance. Her dad was an administrator of a senior living community in California, and her mom lived at Holland Home, so senior living has always been on her radar. Still, she was hesitant to make the move. She thought she was too young and that she wouldn’t find friends her age that were still active and had the same interests, ultimately fearing she’d grow old faster by living there.  

Throughout this blog post, we’ll tell more of Lois’ story and share a few things you need to know if you’re considering making the move to Holland Home.


“To my delight and surprise, there were many people my age who lived here that I could connect with. I’ve enjoyed happy hours and dinners with many, many different people and absolutely love it.” - Lois V.

1. Senior Living communities are not just for those who need extra care.
Independent Living is a sector of senior living for aging adults who are still very active, social, and looking to have more free time with a maintenance-free lifestyle. Many misconceptions about senior living revolve around the image of being stuck in a room most of the day with little interaction or independence, but that is not the case. 

“To my delight and surprise, there were many people my age who lived here that I could connect with. I’ve enjoyed happy hours and dinners with many, many different people and absolutely love it.” - Lois V.

Independent Living residents thrive in private apartments and homes, where they are free to entertain and enjoy daily life completely on their own.

2. It is affordable, with different pricing options available.
The cost of Independent Living varies based on which residence you choose. At Holland Home, we have different styles and layouts spread across two beautiful and active campuses, so there is something for everyone. When you consider the costs associated with owning a home even if you no longer have a mortgage—maintenance, upkeep, insurance, taxes, utilities—living in a community is pretty comparable, and there is a lot to be gained.
3. Your lifestyle doesn’t have to change.
If you enjoy being active, Independent Living doesn’t take that away—it enhances it. With on-campus amenities and a welcoming community, hitting the gym, grabbing lunch with friends, or hosting a weekly happy hour have never been easier. Our Vibrant Living program is designed to take care of all aspects of wellness, so there is no shortage of ways to entertain yourself, enjoy life, and stay engaged.

"In addition to that, I already had a lot of friends and family here in West Michigan and was able to keep those old relationships and my old life at the same time."

4. There are plenty of delicious dining options.
Senior living as a whole has greatly evolved over the years, and the food provided is no exception. One of the great things about Holland Home is all of the options you have. You don’t have to go eat at the same cafe every day—unless you want to! Instead, we have cafes with gourmet chefs that are the perfect place to socialize with friends, take-out options, and easy-to-follow recipes with pre-packaged ingredients for you to cook at home. And, our location is close to plenty of restaurants if you want to celebrate a special occasion or just enjoy a night out. 
5. Moving and downsizing don’t have to be difficult.
One of the more intimidating aspects of moving to senior living is downsizing and selling your home. The best way to ease this stress is to do it before you need any extra care, which makes moving into Independent Living the perfect choice. 

“My dad always told people in the community where he was an administrator to always move before you need to move. It can certainly be an emotional move, so doing it while you’re still physically and emotionally able is really important.”

Then, if you ever need extra care, you’re already in a community that can provide it for you. For tips on downsizing and selling your home, watch our webinar with Pathway Movers and Greenridge Realty here.   

More to Life at Breton Woods.
When it comes to big decisions like this, reservations are normal. There are a lot of things to think through and consider. The most important thing is to come in with an open mind. Senior living—especially Independent Living—isn’t what it used to be. It’s so much more.

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