In just a matter of weeks, our Vibrant Living team has put together a variety of creative solutions and resources that encourage healthy behaviors for residents — giving them the tools they need to maintain their health, wellness, and a sense of normalcy from their own homes amid the COVID-19 situation. As they have had to adjust to this new way of life—isolated from family and friends—we have adjusted our Vibrant Living programming to meet them where they are. By adapting existing and creating new Life Enrichment, Fitness, Resident Technology and Dining resources, our residents have been able to find support and strength during these times. Below are a few ways that our team is implementing these new ideas and keeping residents productive and engaged with modified programming.

Wellness Check-in Calls

With COVID-19 visitor policies and restrictions in place, residents are spending much more time on their own. That doesn’t mean they have to be alone. Our Director of Resident Life and Director of Volunteer Services as well as other staff are making weekly calls to residents — identifying those who have less support in place to make sure they have what they need each week and connect them to resources. 

A simple phone call has turned into a powerful form of connection during these times and a reminder that we’re all in this together.



These calls were originally designed to be a touch base to residents — making sure they are ok, staying active and that their basic needs are met. But they have turned into much more than that. They have turned into meaningful conversations, breaks from the boredom, chances for reflection, and ways for people to express their emotions. 

A simple phone call has turned into a powerful form of connection during these times and a reminder that we’re all in this together. One resident commented, “I know everything you guys are doing is for our health and safety. Please let me know what I can do for you all."

Weekly Resource Emails

Each week, we send out an email that contains a variety of life-enriching programming resources to keep residents engaged in the five areas of wellness. Recipes, devotionals, crossword puzzles, craft ideas and health tips are all included to keep our residents physically, emotionally and spiritually taken care of. A recent April email also included a form that gives residents the ability to order books, craft kits, cardmaking supplies, Kid Food basket bags to decorate, model airplane kits, and gardening kits to have delivered to their door. Hard copies of the form were also handed out for those that don’t use technology.

Virtual Fitness

It can be hard to keep moving when there aren’t many places to go! Our Vibrant Living Fitness team has gone virtual to ensure our residents can stay active. Using Facebook Live and YouTube, residents can participate in a variety of classes for all fitness levels. Seated strength training, balance and core stability and heart healthy dance are just a few of the classes to choose from with some of those classes receiving over 500 views on Facebook.

It is not always easy to find the motivation to move but our team is keeping things fun and fresh by creating workouts from interactive games. Roll of the Dice is a resident favorite where a die is rolled to determine what exercises or stretcheslike hip extensions and single-leg stancethe participant does. With Fitness Goals BINGO, residents are encouraged to complete an activity each day and mark off the corresponding square. 

We have also created a month-long wellness calendar with different ways to stay engaged and connected. With things like watching the sunset and praying for loved ones, residents are encouraged to reflect on their thoughts and emotions and given activities and tips to stay positive during these times.

Technology Resources

Taking advantage of our Resident Portal that is already regularly used by residents, we are able to provide a continuous stream of content and COVID-19 related updates. Life enrichment tools and resources have also been added to the Breton Woods and Raybrook Portals meant to expand the user experience and provide engagement that empowers and encourages connection. 

Tech Tips is the newest integration in response to COVID-19 and the struggles that come along with it. From FaceTime help so residents can talk to loved ones, to Virtual Learning Experiences to Raybrook Chapel recordings and live streams, we have made these resources available to everyone. 

 "I am so thankful for the Breton Woods' staff, now more than ever. Everyone has gone above and beyond to make sure we have what we need,” one resident shares.

Our new Resident Connection Board has also launched giving residents more of a real-time conversation experience. It features the ability for residents to speak with fitness trainers, have virtual book club conversations, prayer requests, and more. Zoom Bingo and other virtual programming is also set to launch in the coming week giving residents yet another way to come together when we have to be apart.

Dining Services

While we have implemented many services to nourish the mind and soul, we also are making sure our residents are able to nourish their bodies. Shortly after the stay at home order was put in place, we promptly put a delivery grocery service into action. 

“My meals and my groceries come right up to my door. If being bored once in a while is a complaint, that would be my only complaint. I am so thankful.”


Residents are able to place an order through Breton Market and have the items delivered on a weekly basis. Raybrook Cafe, Breton Terrace Cafe and Ridge Bistro are also open for orders and meal delivery each week, giving our residents options and variety.

Times have changed. Our commitment never will.

Things are different these days. Our routines have changed, our relationships have shifted, our programming has had to adapt. All of these things can make it hard to keep up with our emotional, physical, social, intellectual, and spiritual wellness. Our Vibrant Living wellness model has guided collaboration between our Vibrant Living, Volunteer Services, Dining Services, and Resident Technology teams to continue to provide resources to our residents. It has been great to see how well our residents have adjusted and are staying positive through it all:

“I know Holland Home is where God knew I should be during this global pandemic. I am thankful for His plan.”