Have you listened to our podcast, This Day and Age? Throughout the series we bring together experts from Holland Home, Atrio Home Care, and Faith Hospice to help and support aging adults and their loved ones navigate life's journey.

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Our Latest Episodes:

Episode 10: The Science Behind Healthy Aging
What does active, healthy aging look like in senior communities? Truthfully, it varies, and some, like Holland Home, have a more comprehensive approach than others. Vibrant Living, our award-winning and research-based model, goes far beyond the typical senior community activities and is woven into the daily lives of our residents. In this episode, we talk with Marenta Klinger, Director of Resident Life at Holland Home, and Jaci Martin, Life Enrichment Coordinator, to dig a little deeper into the science and research used to help create the Vibrant Living model and how it evolves to meet the different needs of residents.

Episode 9: Safety in the Home
As we age, everyday household items can become safety hazards and lead to slips and falls. In this episode, Kate Sylvester, Executive Director of Atrio Help at Home, and Kim Fischer, Occupational Therapist at Atrio Home Health, educate listeners on the many options available to help adults safely age in their homes and maintain their independence. They talk through the process of evaluating an individual's home for areas that could contribute to falls or slips and provide solutions, including technologies to aid in monitoring and providing peace of mind for the aging adult and their loved ones. 

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