Vibrant Living: Beyond the Buzzwords
For residents of Holland Home, Vibrant Living is second nature. It’s woven into their daily lives, and many times, without even realizing it, they are participating in this unique wellness model. It plays a big role throughout Holland Home, and words like “spiritual fulfillment” and “intellectual discovery” are mentioned daily. But, when we say these things, what exactly do we mean? How was Vibrant Living created? How does it affect our organization? To dig deeper into the meaning and purpose behind Vibrant Living, we sat down with Director of Resident Life, Marenta Klinger.
How would you explain Vibrant Living in its simplest terms?
Vibrant Living is our research-based wellness model that meets the changing wants and needs of our residents.
What makes Vibrant Living different than other senior community models?
Each aspect and activity of Vibrant Living is purposeful and engaging. We go beyond bingo, birthday parties, and Bible studies (although we have those too!) to provide our residents with plenty of opportunities for well-balanced wellness. Included are over 150 educational courses, 70 weekly fitness classes, and amenities like a woodshop and billiards room that give residents more opportunities to socialize.
Describe Vibrant Living programming in 3 words.
Intentional, multi-dimensional, empowering.
How was Vibrant Living created?
Every resident’s wellness journey is unique, and instead of creating a care model that covered most of their wants and needs, we embraced the differences and created a wellness-based model that meets each resident where they are. First, we sat down with residents at both Independent Living campuses, and they gave us their input on what tools, resources, and components they would like to see in this new model. Then, in June of 2016, residents participated in a voting process to ultimately select the Vibrant Living name, logo, and five components of wellness (emotional, physical, social, spiritual, and intellectual) themselves.

"Vibrant Living has really given our organization a singular vision, a singular purpose for every decision we make."

Marenta Klinger, Director of Resident Life

How is Vibrant Living woven into all areas of the organization?
Vibrant Living has really given our organization a singular vision, a singular purpose for every decision we make. It’s increased collaboration in and between all departments and helped cultivate a culture that prioritizes the goals and values of residents and employees. The increase in partnerships has improved the quality of life and consistency of care across the organization.
How have residents reacted to the wellness model?
Residents have the calendar of wellness opportunities hung on the wall next to precious memories. They tell the team that the events provide so much joy and meaning to their days. They take pride in sharing the opportunities and events with family and having their potential realized regardless of their age or level of care.
Has Vibrant Living received any recognition?
Vibrant Living has become an award-winning model, including being recognized by HUR as a 2020 HUR Hero. But what our community is most proud of is that our wellness culture stems from our mission statement, reflecting the fact that it is not simply posted on a wall but lived out by employees and residents every day.
A Program with a Purpose
As you can see, there was a lot of thought put behind those two words. And those two words drive much of what we do at Holland Home. We don’t believe in just giving residents something to do, but something to engage with—something that fulfills them in some way. To learn more about our Vibrant Living Program, watch our At Home with Holland Home webinar featuring Director of Resident Life, Marenta Klinger, at the link below. (Webinar 4)