Suzie and Bob Zoerman

For Suzie and Bob Zoerman, Spiritual Fulfillment is a key part of "Living Vibrantly," it's also so apparent how interwoven the various areas of Vibrant Living are (intellectual, spiritual, emotional, social) Suzie sits on the social committee as well as worked with the R.E.A.L. team, offering suggestions and insight on educational topics that might spark interest for residents. In addition she has taught Bible Study for 7-8 years. "It's really good for us for building a community of women, a sisterhood. We check-in with each other, help give each other purpose. I'm blessed to be apart of this group." Susie's husband Bob is a pastor, often leading worship services at Holland Home and around the community. Suzie is also a talented chalk artist, creating 12-minute art on an aisle alongside Bob's sermons to depict the theme of the sermon. Bob doubles as a musician. Together, they share the gospel in unique and creative ways.