The Roving Mic show of WGVU visited Holland Home, where host Shelley Irwin was taken through the Dementia Journey training that all staff at Holland Home are required to complete. The Dementia Journey is a live simulation in which the senses are altered as participants attempt to complete everyday tasks to better understand what life is like for those with dementia. Those who go through the Dementia Journey can expect to have better understanding, empathy, and compassion for those living with dementia.
Shelley was walked through the experience by Memory Care Coordinator Lois Thomas and alongside new Holland Home staff member Melanie, who was also completing the training. After putting on visual, sound, and movement impairment devices, Shelley and Melanie had six minutes to complete various tasks, including writing a letter, pouring water into a glass, and finding and putting on a sweater.
After the simulation, Shelley said, “Wow, what did I just learn? I think this is a required journey for all.” Melanie added, “I can’t imagine having to live like that.”
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