Residents and Their Pets

Meet Judy and Bella

Meet Judy & Bella!

Did you know that pets are welcome at Holland Home? Many of our residents enjoy the companionship and activity that pets provide. Judy Rogers & Bella live in Breton Ridge, and this is their story:

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As a lifelong dog lover, Judy was going back and forth on the idea of getting one when a phone call changed both her and Bella’s lives.

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I’ve been a dog person my whole life. I had been praying about whether I should bring one into my life when my niece called. There was a couple who was moving, and they weren’t able to bring their sweet dog, Bella, with them. I felt drawn to their story and reached out. They asked if I wanted to take Bella for the weekend to see if it would be a good fit, and the rest is history! It felt like Bella and I were meant to find each other. She’s been with me for about six weeks now, and it’s been an amazing experience.
I think a common thought is that when you get older, having a pet is too difficult. But there are so many positive things—love, companionship, and they keep you on the go with walks and letting them outside. There’s a dog party group here that gets together once a week, and we can’t wait to attend for the first time! I’m excited to meet some more neighbors, and I know Bella will love playing with the other dogs.