Memory Care Services: Leading the Way with PAC Aware Designation

With nearly 1 in every 7 adults aged 65+ suffering from dementia, Holland Home has recognized a quickly-growing need to not just provide memory care services, but bring innovative, passionate memory care that extends well beyond the status quo. This past November, Holland Home was made aware that those efforts have led them to be recognized as the first organization in the state of Michigan, and only the fifth organization nationally, to achieve the coveted “Designated Organization” accreditation from Positive Approach® to Care (PAC).

What is Positive Approach® to Care?

PAC is the preeminent dementia education organization founded in 2005 by Teepa Snow. Teepa Snow has 40 years of clinical practice experience as an occupational therapist and  is one of the world’s leading educators on dementia and the care that accompanies it. In 2005, she founded Positive Approach® to Care (PAC), an organization that provides dementia care training, services and products around the world. A core principle of PAC is that in order to obtain the relationships and outcomes that are desired, the first and most important shift must originate with each person’s own willingness and ability to change.

What Does it Mean to Have a PAC Designation?

A designation from PAC is so rare, that organizations need to be invited by PAC to apply for the credentialing. Teepa Snow, who has visited and lectured at Holland Home several times, invited Holland Home to apply earlier in 2019. After a site visit by a PAC team of investigators and additional review, Holland Home was informed in late November that it had achieved Aware status.

As an Aware Designated organization, PAC attests that Holland Home’s memory care services are considered to be offered and measured at some of the highest levels among all senior memory care services programs. Most notable to patients and families is that the PAC designation means every Holland Home team member has specific dementia-care training as well as ensures all team members continue to participate in regular dementia training.

“Holland Home is incredibly honored to be recognized by the world’s leading dementia education organization as being one of the highest-performing dementia care providers in the nation,” said Troy Vugteveen, executive vice president, operations, Holland Home. “We’ve invested a tremendous amount of resources in the last several years to advancing our memory care services, so the PAC Aware Designation validates our innovative and passionate approach to providing the best possible care to our senior residents.”


Advancing Memory Care Services

Holland Home’s Memory Care Services department has three PAC-credentialed trainers: Rosemary Apol-Hoezee, RN, MPH, CPHRM, director of Quality and Education; Lynn Bolt, RN; and Lois Thomas, RN, coordinator of Memory Care Services. Under their leadership, Holland Home has created several offerings catered to advancing its dementia services, including:

  • Creating a Dementia Coalition Team comprised of staff from various departments to ensure universal training.
  • Developing a PAC training program.
  • Developing the Dementia Journey, an interactive simulation that allows staff to experience the effects dementia has on everyday tasks.
  • Authoring the Dementia Handbook.
  • Creating Memory Care Boxes, Table Top Woodworking Stations, Weighted Blankets, Fidget Aprons
  • Developing the Honor Care Program

Every Holland Home employee who regularly interacts with dementia residents receives the PAC training within the first 90 days of hire and then every two years thereafter.  Similarly, all Holland Home employees (regardless of their role) go through the Dementia Journey, which is a great way for staff to develop an understanding of what it is like to live with Dementia.


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