Holland Home has partnered with the GVSU graduate Occupational Therapy Program since 2021 to provide OT students with their Level 1 fieldwork placement. During this placement, which started for the summer semester on May 8th, students will work closely with residents to support their use and experience with technology.

Holland Home Residents and students from GVSU's Occupational Therapy Program
During their 15-week fieldwork placement at Holland Home, students will step outside the traditional medical model of Occupational Therapy and focus on psychosocial elements of daily living, working with older adults and learning first-hand how to best support their needs in a world with an increasing reliance on technology. Students engage residents through Holland Home’s Resident Tech Appointment system which provides one on one support to residents as well as in a group educational setting through Vibrant Living’s REAL curriculum programming. This experience will push students to utilize their skill sets in a new and exciting method while providing residents with important experience-based technology training.