Resident Stories:

Sue Sperger—Moving “Home”

“Moving in your 70s is difficult, but moving in your 80s is even harder. I wanted to make one last move.” Sue

Born in Milwaukee and growing up around the country, Sue Sperger felt the closest to “moving home” when she came to Holland Home. Sue graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in engineering and went on to have a 30-year career at Proctor & Gamble.

Before deciding on Holland Home, Sue and her husband looked at about 20 different senior living communities nationwide. While Sue felt she was a little young to be moving at 71, her husband has Parkinson’s, and taking care of a home was becoming more than he could handle and more than she wanted to handle. As Sue says, “Moving in your 70s is difficult, but moving in your 80s is even harder. I wanted to make one last move.” Her husband settled in an assisted living community near his children in Cincinnati, and Sue joined our community here. They are able to visit each other often, and the freedom that Independent Living allows really meshes well with Sue’s lifestyle.

The transition for Sue to senior living was minimal. She chose a duplex in Breton Homes North, which she describes more as a “senior subdivision.” She enjoys how genuinely independent it is and appreciates the amenities offered. Another benefit for her was the fact that Holland Home doesn’t require a meal plan, but there are still great cafes where you can eat and socialize at any time.

After retiring, Sue became involved in the AARP Tax-Aide program. This close interaction with seniors has helped her see both sides of the aging journey: those living in a senior community and those who are not. She noticed that those living in communities were more secure, happier, and engaged. “There is really little stress and no worrying about the “what ifs,” as Holland Home is prepared to help if any falls, illnesses, or ailments come my way,” added Sue.

Sue has tried a few different events and programming that Holland Home offers—some she has liked and some were not for her—but she appreciates the choice she has in what and how much she participates in. She has found some volunteer opportunities in and outside of Holland Home, and has also formed a great friendship with the women she swims with at the pool.

Sue was also attracted to Holland Home’s long history and financial stability. If she was going to invest in a place, she wanted to make sure it would be around in 20 years (Holland Home already has a rich 130-year history!). With no kids of her own, she wanted to be sure that when it came time for extra care, she could trust the folks around her and felt assured that Holland Home would provide that.