Resident Stories:

Harriet Arnold— A Teacher’s Story

“Back in those days, I had 90 kids that first year I taught at the beginning of the Baby Boom.”—Harriet

I loved being a Kinder teacher for many years, it was the best job I could’ve had. I loved seeing kids. I love asking them questions. I used to tell them, if a stranger asks questions its ok to talk to strangers if you’re with someone that loves you. So when I talk to a child, I always ask them, “Does that person you’re with love you?”

Scott and Carl were neighbors, they played with each other a lot. It was show and tell and he showed his new Winnie the Pooh belt buckle, he was so proud. His friend said, “you got it upside down.” They fought tooth and nail. So now, I put my name tag upside down.

Teachers need to be appreciated. I really appreciated so many experiences. 1950 I started teaching in Romeo (near Detroit) there was a lady living there who took in kids that no one had a place for she trained them to be cooks and babysitters and so on and one of the little girls, Gloria a bossy little girl who wasn’t afraid of much. Back in those days, I had 90 kids that first year I taught at the beginning of the Baby Boom. I told the kids at rest time, I know no one WANTS to be naughty and sometimes we do naughty things, even I do. Sometimes tis becuase we’re tired, or hungry or a big worry and you have to tell someone. This makes you do naughty things.

One day, we had been outdoors and one kid came up to me and sat on my lap and I said, what’s wrong? You’ve been naughty all day. Are you hungry are you tired? No he said, I have a big worry. A town cop had come to take my dog to go hunting (even though that wasn’t the reason) I am so glad you told me. Another girl said, you didn’t ask my worry. Her mom and dad had gotten in a fight over the roof.