Resident Stories:

Bill Post

Bill (left) enjoying the Breton Park with a fellow resident.

I grew up on the South West side of Grand Rapids, one of seven children to Dutch immigrants. I started work at a young age, and at 16, I found myself working at the bakery of Heckman Biscuit Company. I attended Calvin College for two years but realized I was happier at the bakery. So, I went back and worked my way up to become the manager of the Grand Rapids office. Then, Kellogg’s approached us, looking for a treat that could go in the toaster. Within four months, we created the Pop-Tart. I was eventually transferred to Chicago, where I worked until retirement. My wife and I moved to Glen Lake and enjoyed living there for many years but ultimately returned to Grand Rapids to be closer to family.

My wife and I never thought that we would move into a senior living community, thinking that we could receive the care we needed at home. But at 91, our plans changed. We were aware of Holland Home as I had many family members who had lived here. So we went for a tour and found a place at Breton Woods that worked perfectly for us.

The mission and management of Holland Home really stand out. They want residents to live well, and there is so much to be involved in. I love the Vibrant Living program, especially the fitness classes. The team here is so dedicated, and I enjoy living in the secure community that Holland Home provides. Especially since my wife has passed, it’s wonderful knowing that there are people around to look out for me and help as I need it.

If you’re hesitant to move into a senior living community, I would simply say you shouldn’t be! This is a great, faith-based community that has something to offer everyone. Whether you are very social, or are more introverted, you can find ways to be involved as much as you’d like.