Downsizing with Care

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Downsizing with Care

If you plan on moving into a senior living community, you’ll most likely have to downsize. But, sorting through a lifetime’s worth of memories is not easy. The stress and anxiety of sorting, packing, and moving can be so overwhelming that people avoid it altogether. Fortunately, there are resources to help you get past this barrier. In a recent episode of our podcast, This Day & Age, we sat down with Holland Home’s Michael Loughman and Jeanne Jones of Pathway Senior Movers. These experts had some great tips to share to ease the burden and stress of downsizing.

Fostering Relationships in Senior Living

Moving into a senior living community is a big decision, and at first, it can feel like you are giving up a lot to do so. However, what you are really gaining is a community of hundreds of individuals at a similar stage of life. These days, it’s not just those looking for more care that are moving into senior living. It’s those that are looking for connection. A community like Holland Home brings those people together and gives them plenty of opportunities to thrive.

Veterans Take Off On Dream Flights

On Friday, August 6, fifteen World War II veterans from Holland Home were recognized for their service with individual rides in a Boeing Stearman biplane, the exact aircraft many veterans trained with when preparing for WWII flying missions.

Vibrant Living

For residents of Holland Home, Vibrant Living is second nature. It’s woven into their daily lives, and many times, without even realizing it, they are participating in this unique wellness model. It plays a big role throughout Holland Home, and words like “spiritual fulfillment” and “intellectual discovery” are mentioned daily. But, when we say these things, what exactly do we mean? How was Vibrant Living created? How does it affect our organization? To dig deeper into the meaning and purpose behind Vibrant Living, we sat down with Director of Resident Life, Marenta Klinger.