Holland Home Residents Become Published Authors

We are very fortunate to have so many curious, passionate, and artistic residents living here at Holland Home. From painters to musicians to writers, we encourage everyone to pursue their passions. Two of our residents, Rev. Ruth Romeyn and Rev. Carolyn Cammenga, have recently published books and we are excited to be able to share a little about each of their writings below.

Rev. Ruth Romeyn, Deidre's Secret

Deidre's Secret is Ruth Romeyn's second book. It tells the story of a Norwegian family that immigrates to Minnesota in the late 1800s and brings with them a mysterious illness. They had heard of a medical practice in Rochester — if anyone could help them, the doctors Mayo could. But will they arrive in time to receive the help they need?

Rev. Carolyn Cammenga, What Other's Reject, God Accepts: a Pastor's Journey Toward Wholeness

Cammenga published her biography which tells the story of a child (her) who was born out of wedlock to a mother who, after 4 1/2 years, gave her up for adoption. It details her journey through the continual fear of further rejection and failure, the joy of a nurturing new family, her acceptance by her loving heavenly Father, her life as a missionary teacher in Egypt, and ultimately the dedication of her life to full-time Christian service.